Pink Room Decor

Pink is a refreshing color that wakes people up. This statement is proven when you found many party garments are in pink. Indeed pink garment is contributing joy and fun environment which is required for any party or gathering. Somehow there is another way to appreciate the joy of pink where to decorate your room in pink. As far as we know pink room décor is progressively popular, not only among girls. In fact some offices are decorating their offices in pink too. Actually company hopes to create lively working environment for their employees throughout pink room decorations. Conceivably the décor theme is not applied for every rooms, maybe one or two rooms will do like pantry, game room or nurseries at workplace.

What is your first thought when people mentioned about pink interior theme? In point of fact the theme should consist of at least 75 percent pink for a room. One way or another the condition has changed where designer is playing more art rudiments on this decoration theme. The zebra hot pink room décor and leopard black and pink room décor for example, are two pink interior themes that suits safari interior decoration. The designer is smart enough to play with pink room unit which is able to create total pink environment for a room. Pink floor lamp for example, is the beautiful illumination unit that enhances the “pink feel” for your room. Then pink curtain is needed if your room consists of windows. If you are decorating your bathroom in pink, then make sure you get a unit of pink shower curtain. Besides most hot pink room décor contained pink furniture like pink sofa, pink cabinet, pink wardrobes, pink swivel etc. Principally these pink units are the main character of the decoration. Pink sofa set for example is taking almost ¼ of your lounge where people automatically concentrating their attention to the sofa when they walk into your room.

Switch your attention to nursery and child care centre where pink room décor mostly found in these places. The owner will paint their nursery in pink either exteriorly or interiorly. If extreme pink room decoration is applied, then the whole building is painted in pink. However most nurseries owners preferred to decorate a room or two in pink, not all indeed. Thereby they will choose some rooms like bedding room, TV room or game room as the aid for this decoration theme. Certain of them who are pink freak might choose to develop their student’s uniform in pink as for other schooling accessories like backpack, stationery set and flask.

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